Yogyakarta, GIVnews.com – Among one of the most entrepreneurial cities in the archipelago is Yogyakarta, a tradition and culture-rich city that is also renowned for its academic atmosphere. Home to Universitas Gadjah Mada (UGM), the “students’ city” hosts a wide array of talent pool that are valuable for technology-based startups.

Located in the center of Java, Yogyakarta is now home to an increasing number of startup businesses, including those that would eventually boost Indonesia’s creative industry and digital scene.

The city is the birthplace of startups that can considerably compete not only at the national stage but also that of international level. In 2013, some of the digital startups that were founded in Yogyakarta include Gametechno, JogjaCamp, and MbakDiskon.com.

Over the course of time, a digital census from Jogja Digital Valley (JDV) noted that there are currently 190 startups in Yogyakarta. Salestock.com (fashion service), JAKPAT (poling apps), Lexipal (dyselexia VR gamification), TAXIES (local transportation service app), and Kulina (healthy food delivery app) are some of the examples of highly potential startups from Yogyakarta.

On top of that, several well-established companies have opted to build a presence in Yogyakarta. Among the Indonesian businesses, there are GoJek and Tiket.com, while Gameloft (game developer and publisher), BIMA Milvik (insurance-tech), and SoftwareSeni Ltd (software developers) are some of the international businesses that have established presence in Yogyakarta.

Gameloft manager for Yogyakarta, Andrei Vladimir Lascu, admitted that Yogyakarta is the right place to develop and produce the company’s games as the city is very accommodating, with many youngsters interested in startup scene.

Lascu shares similar opinion to a study conducted with startups, which revealed that 32.33% of startups have chosen Yogyakarta due to low operational costs. For acquiring high-quality human resources, businesses would require to invest less compared to other places in the region. There is also a good access to the internet and the fact that people do not have to deal with daily traffic jams like that in Jakarta and other Indonesian cities.

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A growing community

In Yogyakarta, entrepreneurs also formed startup communities and associations.

The Startup Weekend, a local community for sharing and discussing ideas is an example of avenue where newbies could learn about the startup scenes while more experienced entrepreneurs can join the Digital Creative Association (ADITIF) to leverage peer-support and network relevant to their startup businesses.

There is also an abundant working space that can accommodate entrepreneurs in Yogyakarta.

Jogja Digital Valley (JDV), a co-working space and digital startup incubator in Jalan Kartini, boasted an 800-square meter space that can accommodate 50 developers. MALIOME Hackerspace is another choice of co-working space that provides basic facilities for emerging entrepreneurs such as wi-fi connection and comfortable desks space in Jalan Kyai Mojo.



This article was first published by Global Indonesian Voices.